New Kaleidescape Terra 6 Delivers 5 Simultaneous 4K Streams

The benchmark home entertainment company Kaleidescape has added to its selection of storage solutions through the introduction of its new Terra 6 Movie Server.

Kaleidescape says its new entry-level movie server provides 6 Terabytes of storage, and the product is available to dealers for shipment.

“The compact Terra 6TB when combined with a Strato C player replaces the Strato S as our entry-level system, while providing the ultimate playback experience with significantly greater scalability and performance,” notes Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape.

The high-performance AV manufacturer points out the new Terra 6 Movie Server offers homeowners the ability to download full-length 4K movies in as little as 10 minutes on a gigabit Internet connection. Kaleidescape also emphasizes that its latest movie server solution delivers four times the speed of its Strato S 6TB all-in-one player/server to help expedite the movie download process.

Some of the other user-convenience features the new Terra 6 Movie Server provides homeowners includes the ability to deliver up to five simultaneous 4K UltraHD streams to multiple Strato players located throughout a home in a Kaleidescape multiroom home entertainment system. For comparison sake, Kaleidescape says the Strato S product only supported the ability to deliver two simultaneous streams.

Additionally, the 1U Terra 6 Movie Server also supports the ability to simultaneously support the ability to download movies, while supporting the playback of content on companion Strato players.

The newly announced Terra 6 Movie Server joins the company’s existing selection of movie server products, which includes the compact Terra 6TB, Terra 12TB, Terra 18TB models, as well as the full-size Terra 24TB, Terra 48TB and Terra 72TB models.

For a limited time (March 31, 2022), Kaleidescape is bundling the Terra 6 Movie Server with its Strato C for a special price of $7,995.

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