Home Theater Guru Sam Cavitt Picks Best Demos in New Publication

Finding and selecting the right demo material can be a quandary for many integrators. The challenge is to find the right movie and the right clip for the client’s taste, but also one that will showcase the video and audio properly. Worry no more… renowned home theater expert and longtime CEDIA trainer Sam Cavitt of Paradise Theater in Hawaii, along with Kaleidescape, are teaming up to create The Cinema Connoisseur, a new publication designed to identify the best demos for integrators and also inspire your clients who are private cinema enthusiasts.

The Cinema Connoisseur, a digital publication, aims to grow the awareness and advance the experience of private cinema. Working with Kaleidescape, the creative collaboration will provide uniquely inspiring movie reviews for private cinema connoisseurs.

“Selecting the Kaleidescape content team to act as master sommelier for the Cinema Sommelier movie review portion is an obvious choice,” says Cavitt, founder, and chief visionary officer of Paradise Theater and publisher of The Cinema Connoisseur. “Kaleidescape has been the paramount curator of movies for private cinema owners since their beginning. There is no comparison. For sourcing, managing, and providing the highest-resolution movie collections, Kaleidescape stands alone. No one else comes close!”

Presented like a fine wine review, each Cinema Sommelier movie review connects the cinema enthusiast and movie lover with the fun and the connoisseurship of movies as art and entertainment, akin to a wine sommelier providing insight, details, and tasting notes in order to enhance the connoisseur’s experience.

“We are delighted to be working with Sam Cavitt to co-develop the Cinema Sommelier movie review collection,” said Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “We have made the creative choice to partner with leaders, experts, and filmmakers to deliver well-rounded perspective in movie reviews that are compelling and fun to read. And once you have picked the right pairing for movie night, you can rest assured that Kaleidescape’s content team has worked tirelessly to ensure the best quality playback experience.”

Each Cinema Sommelier movie review will be structured the same way but will include insights from experts as guest contributors to the Kaleidescape content team’s foundational elements, which include the review opening with Kaleidescape Curated Notes and Body of Work sections.

As with fine wine, there are always moments that shine in a movie, with scenes that stand out in our audio/video sensory palate. The Demo Notes section of the review calls upon industry experts to contextualize, like tasting notes, what makes these scenes demo worthy. The inaugural issue features Sean Skelley, CEO of Definitive Audio, sharing some personal insights.

The last section of the review, Artist Insight, brings everything together. Every exceptional wine review brings a little something extra to the table, such as personal insights from the master winemaker or the team of vintners who helped produce the final product. The artistry that goes into moviemaking deserves the same recognition. In this section of the review, we are calling upon “film vintners” to bring some added texture to what went into creating the artistic flavors of the film. For our inaugural review, we asked supervising sound editor and sound designer Erik Aadahl, an Academy Award Nominee for Best Achievement in Sound Editing for A Quiet Place, to provide his take.

To receive the inaugural edition of Cinema Connoisseur and the first Cinema Sommelier movie review of A Quiet Place, please subscribe by visiting https://cinema-connoisseur.com/

The Cinema Connoisseur is an online publication and media destination that will be published bi-monthly and focus entirely on luxury private cinema. Our purpose: to further the awareness and advance the experience of the private cinema by sharing personal stories, informative articles, news, and inspiration. To enhance the lives of those who admire and aspire to the private cinema, the experience is nonpareil.

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