Kaleidescape, CINEAK Partner to Create Luxury Experiences

Kaleidescape, makers of high-performance video systems, and CINEAK, a luxury seating company, have announced a partnership that illustrates how technology and design can combine for ultimate in luxury experiences. 

Kaleidescape makes the ultimate movie player for private cinema and media systems that define a premium experience,” states Tayloe Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape.

“Combine this with CINEAK, the leaders in luxury home cinema seating, and you have an unparalleled experience, one that embodies comfort, style, and control that wraps you up in the movie watching moment.”

Founded in Belgium and family run for two decades, CINEAK has helped to champion luxury seating through its passion for design, quality of materials, level of customization, technology, craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

“With Kaleidescape’s ability to provide cues to CINEAK, just press play and watch the control system automatically recline the seats, adjust the position of the articulating headrest, dim the lighting, and let the movie start… And when the credits begin to roll, the seats automatically readjust as the lighting slowly comes back up,” comments Alvin Hellemans, president, and founder at CINEAK.

“Custom built for private cinemas, CINEAK’s engineering offers a wide range of unique offerings, such as patented motorized mechanisms which quietly adjusts the seats, customized headrests to allow for limited audio interference, and offers acoustically treated materials to keep the sonic dynamics of the room in check.” 

CINEAK points out that its products are made with the highest-quality materials, including Italian stitched leather and French fabrics, which results in an exclusive product that guarantees years of comfort and enjoyment. The seating company goes on to say that CINEAK offers first-to-market technology that increases the functionality of the seat, ensuring ultimate performance. Seats can include heating and cooling ventilation, dual and triple-motorized mechanisms controlled by illuminated keypads with preset functions, electronic lumbar support, motorized articulating headrests, control over the seats using the home automation system, USB-C and wireless charging, cooling cupholders, and other premium accessories. 

Kaleidescape notes that along with over 13,000 movies, TV series, and concerts available from its industry-leading movie store, only its media players are designed to present movies at full, bit-for-bit reference video levels, as well as with lossless immersive audio. The Kaleidescape system is designed to play 4K HDR movies with a video bitrate four times higher that streaming services, while reproducing lossless quality audio with a bitrate 10 times higher, than any streaming device.  

Together, the company state their partnership will make it easier for professional integrators to create luxury experiences for their clients with high-performance, comfortable AV rooms.

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