Are Luxury Grills Your Next Outdoor Market Opportunity?

No doubt the outdoor tech market has been booming over the past several years, with the coronavirus accelerating customers’ demands for backyard entertainment. Integrators already sell and install audio, video, networking, surveillance and landscape lighting outside, so why stop there? Nationwide Marketing Group has partnered with two new vendors, including a luxury grill manufacturer, to help its dealers further capitalize on this market’s potential

New to Nationwide’s expanding outdoor product portfolio are Vision Grills, which brings its innovative convertible ceramic luxury grills to the mix, and Croix Valley Foods, which adds a plethora of sauces, spices and other barbecue accessories. Both will make their debut to Nationwide dealers at PrimeTime in Phoenix, February 5-8.

“We are thrilled to add two new vendor partners to our ever-growing outdoor category,” says John Laing, director of appliances and outdoor for Nationwide Marketing Group. “Vision Grills brings a wealth of features and benefits incorporated into a Kamado-style grill that competes extremely well in its category, while Croix Valley’s consumables fill a critical need, considering a consumer needing outdoor seasonings will shop every four to six weeks. In short, they both offer exciting opportunities for our members.”

Introduced in 2007, Vision Grills’ ceramic Kamado-style grills come in a variety of styles, colors and price points. But what sets its product apart is the company’s patented Quickchange Gas Insert, which allows the user to convert the grill from a charcoal-based smoker to a traditional gas-powered grill in a matter of moments. The insert slides into the same slot as the removable ash drawer — a design feature that also makes for easy cleanup of coal ashes.

“In this category, it’s all about knowledge and sell-ability,” says Scott Walters, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Vision Grills. “And that’s what makes this partnership a perfect marriage. Our product has a feature set that makes it sellable, and Nationwide’s network of independent retailers are the knowledge experts, especially when it comes to their advertising prowess, being able to drive foot traffic and ability to sell.”

Spice Up that Luxury Grill Installation

While luxury grills are the initial big-ticket purchase, Nationwide Marketing Group is also adding a line of grilling accessories to help drive repeat foot traffic to its retail members’ stores. From marinades and sauces to spices and rubs, Croix Valley Foods’ extensive portfolio will provide Nationwide dealers and their customers with plenty of options and flavors to customize and complement their grilling experience.

“From fruit-based sauces to regional favorites and timeless classics, the Croix Valley product line comes from 10-plus years of competitive cooking all around the country,” says Damon Holter, president of Croix Valley Foods. “No one knows flavor like we do, and we’re so excited to share it with Nationwide dealers. We make it ourselves, and we pride ourselves on our one-on-one approach to every dealer we work with.”

The Croix Valley origin story is also one that every independent retailer can relate to. Holter’s family founded a small restaurant in northern Wisconsin, where they served their homemade steak sauce on the side of every meal. After a decade of requests by locals to bottle and sell the sauce, they brought it to market in 2009 and quickly expanded into other categories, including sauces, rubs, spices, marinades and more. And now, they’re bringing that collection to Nationwide family of independent retailers.

Nationwide dealers hoping to get up close with the Vision Grills and Croix Valley Foods products will have the opportunity to do so at PrimeTime in Phoenix. Both brands will be participating in the PrimeTime Backyard showcase, which will include plenty of food samples, beverages, education and more from Nationwide’s outdoor vendor partners.

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