Pro-Ject Adds Two High-End, Compact CD Players to Product Lineup

Longtime audio company Pro-Ject has announced two additions to its compact CD player offerings, the CD Box DS3 high-end CD player, and the ultra-compact CD Box S3. The two products both represent the first of their respective lines, with the DS3 CD player capable of being integrated with existing Pro-Ject DS2 offerings.

According to the company, the new CD Box DS3 maintains the best features of its predecessors while adding a Texas Instruments PCM1796 DAC. Pro-Ject chose this DAC for its analog, easy-to-listen sound character, and feel it is the ideal choice for a CD player aiming to sound as close as possible to an analog record. In addition, CD Box DS3 offers a line-level RCA output for connecting to pre-or integrated amplifiers and two digital outputs to connect to an external DAC if desired.

Beyond its included DAC, the CD Box DS3 includes “intelligent suspension” to provide a perfect resonance derivative. Three elastic points isolate the drive from external vibration, allowing high-frequency vibrations caused by the fast movement of the laser to pass into the massive chassis via a single hard point.

The Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 is available in silver with black siding, matte black, and matte black with wood siding.

The CD Box DS3 MSRP is $899 and will be available at authorized Pro-Ject dealers in April of 2022.

The CD Box S3 is Pro-Ject’s first product of its new S3 line. According to the company, the aluminum casework has undergone a significant change, and the circuit design brandishes a 1.54-inch display with a color inversion feature. The S3 also includes a new DAC chip to provide precise yet smooth analog out, and an S/PDIF coaxial output to feed an external DAC for more flexibility. This way, integrators can use an existing high-end DAC to convert the transferred bitstream from the CD.

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The CD player’s slot-load mechanism is designed to smoothly draw the CD in, handling the CD gently to avoid unwelcome scratches or etching.

The S3 is available in silver or black finish and will carry an MSRP of $549 and will be available at authorized Pro-Ject dealers in April of 2022.

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