Audinate Announces In-Field Dante Ready Purchase

Audinate, the developer of Dante AV over IP technologies, has introduced its Dante Ready licensing program.

This newly announced program provides users with the ability to purchase additional channels of Dante audio to support compatible products in the field. Audinate says the program allows manufacturers to lower their manufacturing costs and it enables end users to purchase only the channels needed for their current application.

“Dante Ready is a win for both manufacturers and audio professionals,” says Laurence Crew, senior product manager, Audinate.

“Manufacturers can integrate Dante Embedded Platform at a very low cost, and end-users can choose exactly what they need for the jobs to be done. They don’t need to make that decision in an up-front purchase, but may enable channels on demand.” 

Dante Ready Supports a Range of Channel Configurations

Audinate explains that initially Dante Ready will be made available to devices that employ the Dante Embedded Platform, which is a software implementation of Dante audio for Linux-based audio components.

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According to Audinate, Dante Ready allows users to activate Dante as software online, while devices are in the field to let them purchase the appropriate amount of channels necessary for a particular system with configurations ranging from 2 x 2 to 64 x 64. Once activated, Audinate emphasizes that product license will never expire and the licenses can be expanded upon as needed.

Once a license is purchased all that needs to be done by integrators is to update their clients’ Dante Controller to version 4.5.0 or later, which includes Dante Ready Activator option. Audinate offers this software in both Windows and MacOS versions, and once the software is updated the Dante Ready Activator will scan the local Dante network for any Dante Ready eligible products.

The company emphasizes that Dante is a complete AV-over-IP solution that allows audio, video and control data to be sent over standard 1GB Ethernet networks. Audinate boasts there are more than 3,300 Dante-enabled products available from more than 500 manufacturers, and Dante replaces point-to-point and add digital connections with software-based routing.

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