1 Beyond’s Intelligent Video Technology Acquired by Crestron

Crestron plans to acquire the intelligent video technology developed by 1 Beyond.

According to Crestron, the integration of this technology will strengthen its ecosystem and core competencies in videoconferencing, AV, and control and automation for collaboration rooms of all sizes, styles, and purposes.

Crestron’s President and CEO, Dan Feldstein, describes equity as a key component of enabling productive and effective hybrid meetings.

He explains, “…[T]he modern workplace requires technology that provides an equitable experience between the in-room participants and the remote participants.” As part of that imperative, Feldstein believes that intelligent video should be pervasive in the workplace. Moreover, companies should seek to expand its benefits from large, unique spaces to more mainstream collaboration rooms. He continues, “…[B]y integrating 1 Beyond products into our portfolio, Crestron is uniquely positioned to make that a reality.”

Stress on Hybrid Collaboration

Over recent months, hybrid-team collaboration cemented itself as a foundational element of modern enterprise and higher-education environments. And customers in these markets are clamoring to do what Feldstein describes. That is, they want to integrate software and hardware solutions that facilitate meeting experiences that are equally fruitful and functional for remote and in-room participants.

Through technology innovations and key strategic partnerships, Crestron seeks to provide intelligent video solutions to make equitable experiences possible. With this technology acquisition, Crestron adds a comprehensive line of automated camera-tracking and intelligent-video offerings. Moreover, these solutions cover a wide range of collaboration rooms and deliver a complete room experience.

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Over the course of its 20-year history, 1 Beyond has been guided by co-founders Cullen and Sebok. They developed an engineering-driven company known for automated camera-tracking solutions that drive and enable intelligent video features. Those features, of course, include presenter tracking, group tracking, dual-camera tracking and ePTZ auto-tracking.

According to the company, its true “magic” lies in its ability to bring an automatic, multi-camera solution that elevates the experience with individual speaker views and full-room views that appear simultaneously. Thus, remote attendees can see the whole space.

Technology from 1 Beyond excels in rooms of all sizes. However, the technology distinguishes itself in rooms that pose particular challenges. Those include lecture halls; high-value meeting spaces; multi-use spaces; and divisible rooms for higher education, corporate and government customers.

“1 Beyond developed an innovation engine including uniquely designed intelligent cameras and automated video systems that will complement and strengthen Crestron’s core hardware and software technologies in AV, control, lighting and UC,” Sebok says.

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In exclusive comments to Commercial Integrator, Sebok talks about the value of having a strong, established organization like Crestron standing behind 1 Beyond’s technology development. The incoming director of intelligent video says, “What turns me on every day is developing the products that we’ve got. And so, Crestron give us a home to do what we all want to do.”

1 Beyond Technologies Integration

Indeed, 1 Beyond and its products have a loyal following, including many experienced Crestron integrators. What’s more, the 1 Beyond line offers technologies that are scalable and integrate naturally into Crestron’s existing product roadmap for room automation and collaboration solutions.

Feldstein cites the power of the 1 Beyond technology combined with the additional expertise and extensive resources of Crestron. He says, “…[W]e see the 1 Beyond technology becoming the foundation for future camera and intelligent video solutions that will drive the industry forward.”

1 Beyond products will be available through Crestron authorized resellers later this year.

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