Deploying Plug-and-Play, Affordable Outdoor Audio

Paradigm prides itself on providing high-performance, high-value audio solutions throughout its dealers’ customers’ homes. As warmer weather approaches throughout the country, it is important to remember your customers love great sound while enjoying their outdoor living spaces.

To meet those needs, the company offers options for every application, with surface mount, landscape, rock, and in-ceiling speakers available based on their installation needs.

Paradigm’s latest offering in the category is the all-in-one sub-sat landscape system called the Garden Oasis Essentials 8.1 package, reasonably priced at $2,500.

“It’s basically everything you need all in one box,” says David Baker, director of North American sales for Paradigm and Anthem Electronics. “It comes with eight satellites, eight garden stakes and an 8-inch subwoofer. It’s intended to be driven by just about any amplification.”

With its high-impedance design, the GO Essentials can be powered by virtually any 8 Ohm amplifier, including a Sonos Amp, Zone 2 amplifier channels, distribution amplifiers, and of course, maximizing performance using Anthem MDX Series amplifiers by selecting custom DSP profiles.

Baker says the package is designed to work in a 2,000- to 3,000-square-foot space.

“It’s easy to drive; easy to wire up. It’s plug and play,” he notes.

When higher performance, output, or large-scale deployment is required, Paradigm offers its standard Garden Oasis (GO4/GO6/GO10/GO12 which are $400 to $2,000 each) based landscape sub-sat systems. As an a la carte system, our 8 Ohm/70V hybrid satellites allow you to design systems ranging from stereo to large multi-sat and subwoofer systems to cover expansive outdoor listening areas.

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Baker says this system can be expanded to very large spaces. “We’ve got dealers that have done systems with five or six subwoofers and 20+ satellite speakers.

Later this Spring, the company will add an option to purchase an individual GO 8 subwoofer separately for $1,000 to design an 8.2 sub-sat system or split
the package to design two 4.1 systems at $1,750 each.

For additional outdoor speaker solutions, dealers can look to the Rock Monitor Series ($350 to $500 each) to blend into the garden, the Stylus Series ($300 to $800 pair/each) for surface mounting, and the CI Pro RX ($400-$500 each) models in the ceiling.

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