Coastal Source Virtual Walkthroughs Help Close More Outdoor Projects

Coastal Source Design Services new virtual walkthroughs mean integrators no longer have to worry about using the proper terminology when discussing landscape lighting design or outdoor speakers placement with their clients or landscape architects.

The new Coastal Source Design Services virtual walkthrough program, which was launched in March, guides the integrator and even the homeowner through the specific design, providing them with the exact verbiage to understand the design.

The virtual walkthroughs are 3- to 5-minute videos recorded on Loom by the actual designer on the Coastal Source staff, according to Peter Sepesi, director of technical services at Coastal Source.

The videos are screen recordings that visually show a blueprint of the project while the designer talks through the landscape lighting design elements using an icon to highlight the specific areas being discussed.

For example, the virtual walkthrough video can describe the pathway lighting locations, the dimensions of the system, and the types of lights being used including beam spread and color temperature when applicable. It can even describes the placement of various accent lights on specific trees, shrubs, stone architecture and several large boulders in the yard.

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The integrators can either choose to mimic the details of the layout to clients in order to be seen as the design experts, or they can simply show the video to their customers. By hearing the designer talk through the theory of the design in a video — even down to the details of a particular plant type and why a certain spotlight will be the best way to illuminate it — is educational.

According to Sepesi, in some cases the virtual walkthroughs have doubled the size of projects because the designs usually go beyond the initial specifcation. He also notes that the closing ratio for dealers using the service is nearly 100%. There is no minimum size project required to access the virtual walkthroughs. Coastal Source is providing it for every project submitted to its Design Services team.

Coastal Source started its virtual walkthrough videos in full force in March, according to Sepesi. A link to the video is placed in a distinct website URL that Coastal Source now creates for every project it designs. That website includes images of the project and reviews the lighting and audio design.

Some integrators actually also take the video one step further by requiring their technicians to watch it prior to beginning the installation.

The turnaround time for Coastal Source Design Services varies upon the season, but it typically is about 2 weeks. There is a fee for the service, but if the dealer gets the project, then there is no cost.  

Ideally, the integrator is able to provide the Coastal Source team with blueprints and photos of the property for the best results.

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