McIntosh Launches MCD12000 SACD/CD Player and DAC

Providing music fans with a new combination high-performance source solution, McIntosh has announced the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player and DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

McIntosh says its latest product serves homeowners as a reference-level DAC that includes SACD/CD playback capabilities.

Discs or music played by the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player and DAC are processed through the unit’s eight-channel DAC circuitry, and integrators can set up the player using its fixed analog balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) outputs.

The N.Y.-based manufacturer also explains the MCD12000 also provides integrators or users the ability to utilize the player’s solid state or vacuum tube analog output circuits to support homeowners musical preferences, sound preferences, or specific system configurations.

Internally, the player/DAC unit also incorporates a pair of ESS SABRE PRO ES9038PRO 8-channel/32-bit DACs with one DAC dedicated to the left channel and one DAC dedicated to the right channel.

The unit also utilizes ESS’ proprietary HyperStream II architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, as well as separate power supplies to keep audio and power signals free from cross contamination.

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McIntosh says the combination audio component’s rear panel offers a choice of two coax, two optical, one USB, one AES/EBU and one MCT digital inputs. The coax and optical inputs support resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz, and the USB input supports 32-bit/384kHz PCM, along with DSD512 and DXD384kHz audio.

Taking a closer look at the MCD12000 SACD/CD Player’s tube output stage, McIntosh says this circuit employs a 12AT7 preamp tube and a 12AX7 preamp tube that are assigned to each the left and right audio channel.

The solid state output stage employs a discrete balanced op-amp, and the unit’s power transformer features a specially constructed R-Core design that is said to minimize noise.

McIntosh adds the Roon Tested player’s disc transport includes a die-cast aluminum tray that is said to provide smooth and quiet disc handling, and externally the MCD12000 offers homeowners the company’s classic industrial design that includes a black-glass front panel and a pair of 60dB output meters.


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