Russound Returns to CEDIA Expo with New Speakers and More

Russound is returning to CEDIA Expo 2022 with a wide range of new models including outdoor speakers and Bluetooth kit.

“We’re thrilled to be back on the show floor at CEDIA,” says Charlie Porritt, CEO, Russound. “There’s a palpable sense of pent-up energy among the thousands of exhibitors and attendees who, like us, can’t wait to get back to the biggest in-person event in the custom channel.”

Russound will be stationed in booth #12042, where it will promote a variety of new models originally announced in the second and third quarters. In addition to its presence on the show floor, Russound will offer several training classes to highlight the new models and offer its customers the latest information on utilizing Russound products in their installations.

Adds Porritt, “Though the market for audio, and custom audio, did well during the heat of the pandemic, it’s time to take a breath and reunite with colleagues to see what the next generation of products and technology will bring to channel. Personally, I’m looking forward to showing the market and the world what Russound has to offer.”

At the show Russound is featuring a new slate of outdoor subwoofers, rock, and landscape speakers. The complete selection started shipping in July.

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“Our new selection of outdoor speakers is Russound’s biggest overhaul of a single product line in years,” says Porritt. “The new models reflect updated designs and technology that add up to a demonstrable improvement over similarly priced products. Our dealers are reaping the benefits of the new selection, and we expect sales to further increase over the coming weeks and months.”

The updated selection includes four new models, two of which are available in a variety of colors.

5R82mk2 8-inch Front-Firing Outdoor Rock Speaker: A two-way speaker, with a new 1.1-inch metal dome tweeter, enhanced woofer, and a completely redesigned crossover available in gray granite, sandstone, and weathered granite, with a frequency range of 58Hz – 20kHz.

5R8SUB 8-inch Outdoor Rock Subwoofer: An 8-inch subwoofer available in gray granite, sandstone, and weathered granite, the 5R8 is a front-firing model with a deep, resonant bass response rated at 40Hz – 200Hz.

AW6-LS-BR 6-inch Landscape Speaker: Featuring a rust- and chip-proof aluminum grille and composite construction designed for years of reliable performance. Frequency range is 80Hz – 20kHz.

AW10-HSUB-BR 10-inch Hardscape Subwoofer: Featuring a down-firing design and rugged ASA+HDPE enclosure, with a frequency response of 38Hz – 300Hz.

Russound will also soon ship the next generation of its Bluetooth source kit.

Shipping next month, the BSK-2 is a complete source kit featuring Russound’s BTC-2X Remote Transceiver and BTC-2 Audio Hub, in a unique two-piece design offering a complete solution for audio wiring and power connections with the Bluetooth transceiver able to be located up to 500 feet from the connected audio devices.

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Amazon eero Targets CE Pros with New Service, Products

eero, an Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) company, has introduced a new range of solutions for integrators. The eero PoE 6 and eero PoE Gateway are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices that can be installed and use wired infrastructure to deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi throughout homes and businesses. Additionally, eero for Pro Installers is a new service designed to simplify Wi-Fi installation, setup, and management for professional installers.

“At eero, we started with a vision of bringing simple, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi to customers across the globe, and now our Wi-Fi solutions are in millions of homes around the world,” says Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO. “As we look for ways to continue to solve challenges for new types of customers, we’re thrilled to expand our offerings to professional installers and small businesses with these new PoE products and services.”

eero PoE 6 and PoE Gateway for Integrators

eero PoE 6 (MSRP $299.99) is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 PoE access point that provides up to 2,000 square feet of coverage and supports more than 100 connected devices. It supports 160 MHz channels and wireless speeds up to 1.5 gigabits per second (Gbps). It can go almost anywhere ethernet cable can be pulled—making it easy to flush mount to ceilings and walls.

The eero PoE Gateway (MSRP $649.99) is a high-performance wired gateway that supports Internet Service speeds up to 10Gbps with two 10 gigabits (GbE) ports and eight PoE-enabled 2.5 GbE ports. The eero PoE 6 powers a range of PoE devices like access points and security cameras with an available 100 W of PoE power output when used with the 140 W eero power adapter.

According to the company, for professional installers who set up home wifi networks and businesses building a PoE-enabled network, PoE 6 and PoE Gateway are simple to set up using wired infrastructure, easy to manage via the eero mobile app, and will continue to receive automatic software updates for the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature upgrades.

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eero for Pro Installers Service

With the new eero for Pro Installers service, integrators gain access to a new set of software tools designed to help quickly set up a customer’s W-Fi network and manage issues remotely through the app. This five-year license provides access to premium eero Insight features in the app, including network health monitoring and remote network management. It also includes the ability to easily transfer networks from installers to customers—and it is included with eero PoE 6 or eero PoE Gateway when purchased through authorized dealers.

The company also introduced a new eero for Business service aimed at small businesses with limited or no IT support. The service includes dedicated customer support and its supports multiple SSIDs for a protected internal and public guest network, captive portal management to create a customized guest Wi-Fi for visitors through personalized welcome screens, and includes eero Insight and eero Secure for the business.

Speaking with CE Pro, Weaver also noted that the company’s technology are now finding its way into Amazon devices. Indeed, its TrueMesh technology is now embedded in both Echo Dots and Echo Dots with Clock, making those devices part of a home’s mesh network to expand connectivity.

With “eero Builtin,” the devices will act as mesh Wi-Fi extenders that can add up to 1,000 square feet of coverage to an existing network and support speeds up to 100 Mbps. The technology will be in an all-new Echo Dot, the fifth-generation Echo Dot with Clock, as well as the fourth-generation Echo starting on October 20. In the coming months, the company will also bring the embedded technology to the 4th gen EcDot and Echo Dot with Clock through an over-the-air update.

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NETGEAR Announces WAX628, WAX638E WAPs

At the CEDIA Expo, NETGEAR, Inc., a global provider of networking products will be launching two new access points: the WAX628 and WAX638E.

Exhibiting in booth #7008 at CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas, the well-known networking company says the two new access points are tailored specifically for the residential custom integration market. Sold exclusively through authorized integrators and custom installers, Netgear says these access points are bundled with four years of its NETGEAR Insight and ProSupport services. 

NETGEAR explains that high quality wired and wireless networking products form the backbone of a smart home. Building upon an existing portfolio of products designed with residential projects and challenges in mind, NETGEAR developed the the WAX628 and WAX638E to help integrators and installers meet the networking needs of their residential clients. These new access points include white-glove design and ProSupport services, as well as NETGEAR Insight, which the company says is a cloud-based management platform that enables installers to remotely manage their customer’s network from a tablet, smart phone, or laptop. 

WAX628 and WAX638E Offer a Range of Benefits to Integrators

Working with NETGEAR, integrators will be able to leverage the company’s more than 25 years of networking experience. NETGEAR notes integrators can get access to network planning, design and post-sales support services provided by a team of Ethernet and WiFi experts. 

“With this new, unmatched offering, we’re doubling down on our efforts to empower the custom integration market and set them up for success so they can focus on providing the best service to their clients,” comments Doug Cheung, director of Product Line Management, SMB Wireless at NETGEAR. 

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The new WAX628 and WAX638E offer features that include:

Dual-band (WAX628) and Tri-band (WAX638E) WiFi 6 and 6E access points: NETGEAR boasts the WAPs offer fast, cost-effective WiFi solutions for homeowners that deliver speeds up to 5.4Gbps for WAX628 and up to 7.8 Gbps for WAX638E.

Robust WiFi 6 and 6E security: Enterprise grade security features enable safe access and secure sub-networks with SSIDs and VLANs that all configured and managed via NETGEAR Insight.

Mesh capability: Extends the reach of the WiFi network over greater distances without the need for Ethernet wiring to areas unreachable by cables.  

Backwards compatible: All previous generation WiFi endpoints can connect and take advantage of the superior coverage area. 

100% more throughput: WiFi 6 Release 2 technology features the use of a 160 MHz channel to result in 100% more throughput than offered by WiFi 6 Release 1 (80 MHz).

Multi-Gigabit Speed with PoE: The WAPs include a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port for creating a non-blocking connection to a PoE++ switch. This option allows NETGEAR switches to power the WAX628 and WAX638E.

The company emphasizes the WAX628 (available now) and the WAX638E (available soon) come bundled with four years of NETGEAR Insight  for remote management and four years of ProSupport, which provides expert guidance to help with access point placement, AV and WiFi network design, and more.

During Expo, NETGEAR’s booth will feature live demonstrations of NETGEAR Insight remote management solution. 

NETGEAR experts will offer two Manufacturer’s Training classes as described below. Registration is required to attend:

Thursday, September 29, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m., Room: C147
Designing Networks and Configuring NETGEAR Switches for AV over IP

Thursday, September 29, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m., Room: C144
NETGEAR Insight for Luxury Homes: A Service Based Partnership with Custom Installers

More news from NETGEAR: Just Add Power Adds Configurability & Interoperability Options to AMP Software

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Nortek Control Rebrands as Nice North America

Like a house guest that couldn’t take the hint to leave, the Nortek brand name has finally been shown the door by the custom electronics industry. Nice S.p.A., the global manufacturer of smart home, security, and building automation solutions that acquired Nortek Control one year ago, has announced it is sunsetting the Nortek Control brand name to Nice North America.

As part of the transition, the company is sunsetting Nortek Control and announcing the convergence of several brands for the CI channel. Over the next year, the residentially focused brand names of ELAN, SpeakerCraft, and Panamax will also dissolve to become Nice North America.

On the commercial and security integration side of the portfolio, the company will retain the brand names of 2GIG, Proficient, Panamax, Furman, Gefen, Abode and HySecurity. The moves will enable the company to progressively leverage its full portfolio of solutions for home and building management. This transition will take place over the next year.

The new name represents a milestone for Nice as it looks to strengthen the Nice global brand name and solidify its position in North America. Partners, including dealers, integrators, builders, and distributors, will benefit from its broad portfolio for residential, commercial, and industrial solutions, deeper partner programs, and expanded training and certification for the field.

“This name change is an important milestone for the development of our organization in North America. With a combined experience of 90 years of innovation and a talented and diverse team, we are well positioned to bring passion and innovation in the market,” sa Lysuca Longhin, Deputy CEO of Nice North America. “We’re committed to developing new solutions, focused on design and the highest and easiest experience for partners and end users.”

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“Brand convergence has been a key pillar driving our actions since the acquisition,” says Mark Owen Burson, CMO of Nice North America. “To simplify everyday movements, as our mission states, we must start by streamlining the experience for partners and creating more value for customers. With today’s announcement, Nice embarks on a journey from a house of brands to a branded house, offering the most complete, integrated product ecosystem in the industry for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.”

Moving on From Nortek Legacy

The legacy of the Nortek brand name has been convoluted over the past six years. Back in 2016, Nortek, which was then a public company traded on the Nasdaq exchange, sold to Melrose Industries. That iteration of Nortek was a widely diverse company with a Nortek Air Division (that included the brands of Broan and NuTone), an HVAC division and a medical device division, among others. The low-voltage side of the business included a portfolio of security-based brands (2GIG, Linear, GoControl) that was grouped under the Nortek Security & Control umbrella, along another umbrella group under the Core Brands portfolio (Elan, SpeakerCraft, Xantech, Panamax, Proficient and Gefen) company to Melrose Industries.

Melrose subsequently in 2017 dissolved the Core Brands group and folded all the brands into the Nortek Security & Control (NSC) umbrella.  In April 2021, Melrose sold off Broan and NuTone, then in September 2021 Melrose sold the Nortek Security & Control brands to Nice for $285 million.

Nice History of Diverse Acquisitions

Nice was founded in 1993 and now has 3,000 employees across 22 countries, with 14 factories and 15 technology centers around the world. Back in 2005, it was listed on the Italian stock exchange but reverted back to a privately owned company in 2019, with founder Lauro Buaro as the major owner. Indeed, Nice S.p.A. is no stranger to the smart home space. The company was founded in the founder’s garage making automation equipment. The Oderzo-based company acquired Abode in 2018, one of the leading DIY home security system providers, and later in 2018 acquired Fibaro for $73 million, makers of Z-Wave sensors.

Nice North America: Smart Home & Building Automation is the new official name. Its 600 employees will be based in Carlsbad, Calif., where the company just completed a new experience center that showcases its broad array of products that includes garage door openers, shading systems, controls, audio, security, access control, gate operators and PERS. (A video tour by CE Pro will be forthcoming.)

“it’s a new chapter,” says Nice North America CEO Edoardo Malfè speaking with CE Pro. “It was meant to be. When we decided to be a key player in the smart home space, we could not stay out of the U.S.”

Longhin says all the Nice’s acquisitions over the years have been made to enrich knowledge, culture, competence, diversity and technology for the company, not necessarily to gain market share. He says the new consolidated Nice brand name will allow the company to better leverage the mixing boundaries of the security, residential and commercial markets. The new website is

For integrators who have built some of the local presence around brands like Elan and SpeakerCraft, Nice will be assisting them to transition their marketing materials and vehicle designs. The company is also emphasizing the continued development of its Nice U training programs built for continuing education, development of new dealers, and for integrators looking to expand into new markets such as commercial. The education will be “gamified” with recognition, swag and free products for technicians.

In terms of the future, chief product officer Paul Williams says MDUs, health and wellness, smart energy, and AI will be the key trends driving the development of new products. He also says Nice will focus on being a design-centric company.

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Origin Acoustics Announces Strategic Partnership with Austere

Origin Acoustics is certainly keeping busy with a slew of new partnerships. The latest is the company has announces a strategic partnership with Austere, a high-end cabling and technology accessory brand committed to high-design and technologically superior products that power and connect premium electronics.

The announcement is part of a series of strategic partnerships which have been announced by Origin recently. This curated brand approach expands their Design Centric Technology offerings which are available from Origin Acoustics and are focused on today’s luxury homes and businesses. Origin has set out to evolve the way they go to market and through strategic partnerships they will provide their customers with elevated solutions and exclusive growth opportunities.

Gordon Isaac, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Origin Acoustics, said in a statement, “We are happy to be working with Austere and representing their full line of technology products and accessories. Austere is a perfect addition to our curated list of design centric business partners and we look forward to additional collaboration opportunities.”

Austere products include home entertainment audio and video cables, conditioned power, and Clean & Protect products which combine a sleek and sexy style with functionality and performance. 

Isaac continues, “The high-design look and feel of these products are a perfect solution for supporting our Bang & Olufsen resellers and national retailers around the country, with whom we do business.  The luxury fit and finish from the product design to the packaging makes this a perfect solution for all our design centric focused customers. “Austere products will be available to Origin Acoustics’ customers through their dealer portal and Bang & Olufsen design services.

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Deena Ghazarian, Austere Founder & CEO, notes, “Origin Acoustics and Austere share a strong passion and commitment to the very best audio performance, combined with gorgeous aesthetics that truly complement any home design.  We look forward to providing Origin’s dealers and their Bang & Olufsen authorize resellers with products to enhance the systems they sell.”

To learn more about Austere, visit or come see their products being displayed at Origin Acoustics Booth #16069 at CEDIA Expo in Dallas.

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CEDIA Expo: Victrola Turntables Stream Directly to Sonos

Vinyl is back as the No. 1 physical media for music and the iconic 115-year-old brand Victrola is bringing turntables into the 21st century with its innovative Victrola Stream turntable line that directly streams wireless vinyl to the Sonos ecosystem. Debuting at CEDIA Expo 2022, the Victrola Stream lineup, which is certified by the Works with Sonos program, requires no additional equipment for connecting to a Sonos ecosystem, allowing setup and control with the Sonos app.

The flagship turntable in the lineup is the $799 Victrola Stream Carbon, which is available for pre-order now in the United States, with additional markets to follow. Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers and other specialty audio retailers, including Crutchfield, ListenUp, and CE Pro 100 integrators World Wide Stereo, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and Abt, are carrying the product. Integrators also will have access to Future Ready Solutions distribution.

Additional products in the Stream turntable line will be announced by early 2023.

After a single, simple setup process via a Victrola Stream app, users can control their Victrola Stream turntable from the Sonos app or the illuminated control knob. Listeners will be able to send (and control the volume of) the music from a record to any Sonos speaker in their home, just like with digital music on their Sonos system.

“We spend a lot of time with our consumers trying to understand how and why they like to listen to music the way they do. We discovered a massive number of Sonos system owners were also active vinyl listeners. Even more importantly, consumers told us they would listen to music even more if they could play their favorite records through their Sonos system, using their Sonos app,” says Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola.

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“It was with this in mind that led us to work with team members at Sonos on a multi-year journey that ultimately resulted in the coolest music product I’ve ever had the opportunity to help bring to market. We are proud of how easy to set up and use the Victrola Stream Carbon is, but we are even more proud of the reaction we see when someone listens to records with friends or family through their Sonos system.”

Matthew Siegel, chief commercial officer at Sonos, adds, “Homes today use a wide range of connected technologies, from light switches and fridges to TVs and smart speakers. One of our guiding principles is that the listening experience on Sonos is simple, and that includes ensuring our products work together seamlessly with other smart home products. Now certified by the Works with Sonos program, the new Victrola Stream makes it easy to enjoy all your favorite vinyl with great sound on Sonos.”

The Victrola Stream Carbon will be available in October via distribution at Future Ready Solutions. Top integrators such as Abt, ListenUp, World Wide Stereo, and Nebraska Furniture Mart also have the product available.

The company notes the design and finish of the Victrola Stream Carbon are aimed at discerning consumers. Carbon utilizes the highest quality materials that include a low-resonance veneer plinth with premium metal turntable components, and a carbon fiber tonearm with a custom-designed removable headshell.

To further elevate the wireless vinyl listening experience, Victrola Stream Carbon will ship with a premium Ortofon Red 2M moving magnetic cartridge that will deliver optimized sound reproduction and a high level of sonic accuracy through listeners’ Sonos speaker systems.

Victrola Stream Carbon will be shown publicly for the first time at the 2022 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas, from September 29th through October 1st in the Sonos booth (#15044).

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Dirac Live Coming to Denon & Marantz Home Theater Electronics

Swedish digital audio company Dirac and Sound United, one of the world’s largest portfolio audio brands, has announced a collaboration to make the Dirac Live solution available in several new AV receivers and AV preamplifiers from Denon and Marantz – elevating both companies’ home theater capabilities and offering customers premium, high-quality audio experiences at a range of price points.

With six new mid-range and high-end Denon and Marantz units that are Dirac Ready to run Dirac Live, Dirac and Sound United will release an over-the-air software update in March 2023 that will allow customers to purchase a license to activate one of Dirac Live’s main functions, Dirac Live Room Correction.

Powered by patented technologies, Dirac Live is a market-leading room correction solution used in premium home theaters, professional studios, and commercial cinemas. The integration of Dirac Live into Denon and Marantz home theater units is a testament to the innovation that drives both Dirac and Sound United, says Erik Rudolphi, Dirac’s Vice President of Home & Pro Audio.

“Dirac and Sound United have long been leaders in their respective areas of audio engineering – pioneering many of the solutions and technologies that have created, and continue to create, the home theater industry,” states Rudolphi.

“Now, with the release of Dirac-enabled Denon and Marantz units, we’re showcasing the combined engineering leadership to the benefit of home theater owners and enthusiasts across the world. It’s a seminal moment for our companies and the industry and we look forward to the first-ever release of Dirac Live-enabled Denon and Marantz home theater devices.”

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Denon’s Dirac Ready units include the Denon AVR/AVC-A1H, AVR/AVC-X4800H, and AVR/AVC-X3800H. Marantz’s Dirac Ready units include the Marantz AV 10, Marantz CINEMA 40, and CINEMA 50.

Dirac Live Impact on Denon & Marantz Theater Acoustics

With Sound United as one of the world’s largest home theater equipment manufacturers, this collaboration deepens Dirac’s market penetration and solidifies its position in room acoustics software, the company notes. For Sound United, inclusion of Dirac Live in its latest Denon and Marantz units provides its dealers and their customers with a long sought-after add-on and further elevates product performance, Dirac adds.

The interaction between a home theater system and the physical layout of a room has a significant impact on audio quality. Dirac Live Room Correction digitally compensates for the room’s impact on audio performance to enable a sound experience previously only possible in a professional studio. 

Dirac Live Room Correction accomplishes this through a patented mixed-phase impulse response correction technology that corrects not just magnitude response, but also time domain – which is exclusive to Dirac Live and critical for creating accurate staging, clarity, and tight bass, the company notes.

Dirac Live Room Correction also generates an auto target curve based on the sound system’s unique measurements, something it added to the software earlier this year, said to make it easier for users to achieve even better sound quality from their system automatically. This auto target curve is then fully customizable so users can get their speakers to sound exactly how they want, the company says.

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CEDIA Expo: MetraAV Teams with Adept Audio on Loudspeakers Launch

MetraAV announces a partnership with Adept Audio, engineered and designed by Origin Acoustics. The two brands will join forces at the 2022 CEDIA Expo to launch a full line of distributor-focused architectural and outdoor speakers.

New products will be on display at booth #10009, September 29th through October 1st, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Show visitors will see and hear the quality of these speakers firsthand, MetraAV enthuses.

Adept Audio has designed an impressive line of architectural speakers with high-quality sound, easier installation and affordable prices.

According to the brand, MetraAV notes, their goal is “to deliver a demonstrably better listening experience for clients of residential and commercial installation companies.

Whether it’s a home theater, whole-house audio, outdoor sound system, or commercial space, Adept products are crafted for, above all, high quality sonic performance, easy installation, high-value and durability.” 

Learn the Art of Landscape Lighting Design

Experts recommend landscape lighting design as an entry point for integrators into the revenue opportunity of home lighting. Check out our new resource for tips and best practices. Download “Learning the Skill and Art of Landscape Lighting Design” today!.

The products include down-firing ceiling speakers, in-wall LCR speakers, indoor-outdoor speakers, and more. The applications for home theater design of both small and large systems make this partnership with MetraAV an exciting opportunity for both brands.

MetraAV, Origin Acoustics Have Plenty to Highlight at CEDIA Expo

CEDIA Expo 2022 attendees will have the opportunity to get an up-close look at new products and talk with sales representatives on-site. In addition, the MetraAV booth will give away various promotional items throughout the event from its popular brands.

It’s a big CEDIA Expo for all parties involved when considering Origin Acoustics’ hand in engineering and designing Adept Audio solutions.

MetraAV’s booth will also feature the company’s recently introduced Big Dog Power line of power distribution products, plus myriad HDMI solutions including new high-performance VELOX Passive Premium HDMI Cables, Ethereal MHX HDMI High Speed cables with Ethernet, extenders, switches, splitters, repair tools, and more.

Origin Acoustics, meanwhile, has made numerous announcements about its products and partnerships that will be highlighted at CEDIA Expo, including expanding its relationship with Bang & Olufsen and being named the U.S. importer for Velodyne subwoofers.

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Quantum Media Systems Shows Off Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall at CEDIA Expo

Residential video walls have become the shiny new home theater trend as more companies enter the fray, which features large-scale solutions from Samsung, Sony, Planar, to name a few. Add another option for integrators, Quantum Media Systems (QMS), a creator of high-performance image displays for residential environments, which will introduce its new Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall at CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas, TX, September 29–October 1, in Arts District #7 Demo Room.

Quantum Media Systems has been designing, engineering, and facilitating studio-grade digital cinema technology for pro screening rooms, commercial theaters, private theaters, and beyond for more than 20 years, the company explains. Owned by Ken Hoffman and Cesar Guerrero, QMS has traditionally put an emphasis on two-piece projection systems. Within the last five years, however, it has transitioned its focus to the development and integration of its own Fine Pitch LED walls, QMS says.

As the trend for LED video walls in residential environments grows, integrators can benefit from solutions that are purpose-built for residential requirements, not adapted from the digital signage industry like many current offerings. QMS answers that with the XDR, specifically designed for use in high-end residential environments, and its unique requirements.

“We felt that the image quality in existing LED offerings could be improved dramatically. With our experience in very high-end projectors, we knew how it should look and thought if we could get LED to the point where it gives us the best that projectors can do and more, we’d have a really amazing product line,” says Hoffman.

QMS Notes Video Wall Performance & Installation Flexibility Advantages

From a performance standpoint, the XDR lets the audience enjoy a truly high-performance image. Its immersive image display technology with Fine-Pitch LED and high-performance image processing produces sharp, defined detail, vibrant color spectrum, and High Dynamic Range (HDR), which the company says results in a wide contrast ratio with deep blacks and peak white levels providing for an image that goes beyond what is currently attainable in the realm of residential video.

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Homeowners can truly enjoy any content with the lights or in full view of sunlight thanks to the XDR’s extreme brightness (up to 1000nits).

The XDR also offers advantages over a two-piece projection system, opening up new opportunities and installation flexibility.

For example, the XDR wall saves needed space normally occupied by a projector while protecting the room’s design aesthetic. With only 4 inches of total build-out depth for the wall, it also conserves the space typically used for speakers behind a projection screen.

Additionally, LED walls eliminate the concern of disrupting the projector’s light path to the screen wall, freeing up seating arrangements. The XDR delivers complete image uniformity, including Brightness, Focus, and Convergence as compared to the traditional projector and screen applications.

QMS sources its own diodes, chips, and processors direct from component manufacturers, then engineers the Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall for optimal performance and images on any source, from Blu-ray to Kaleidescape to streaming.

QMS couples its Fine Pitch LED Wall with an entire ecosystem that enables integration partners to seamlessly create a visual experience beyond what is commercially available today, the company adds.

This includes consultation on playing content from all sources, Crestron modules for easy integration, on-site custom installation, and certified image calibration.

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Crestron Expands Origin Acoustics Partnership

 Crestron Electronics, a global manufacturer of home automation, has announced an expansion of its audio portfolio with four new products, including three additions to the Crestron Speakers made by Origin Acoustics Ultimate Series, as well as an all-weather model of its Saros Surface Mount Speakers.

Built natively for the Crestron Home OS and for easy integration with custom systems, these new audio solutions were designed to seamlessly pair with the company’s DM NAX Audio-over-IP distribution.

Crestron first partnered with Origin Acoustics back in early in 2021 to provide its dealers with more speaker options, to allow homeowners to select the speaker that best fits their lifestyle. The company’s latest announcement provides homeowners even more flexibility, as the Ultimate series now includes Crestron’s first Active Subwoofer, 3-inch in-ceiling speaker SKUs, and a new dual-tweeter version of the Crestron Ultimate IC8 speakers.

“The residential line of architectural and landscape speakers offers a no-compromise solution that scales across project sizes and application locations to deliver an unmatched home audio experience,” says Michael Short, senior director, residential and hospitality marketing, Crestron.

“Each of these new solutions is expertly engineered to deliver the level of performance, flexibility, scalability, and style that is sure to exceed even the most demanding expectations, especially when paired with our DM NAX distribution platform.”

Learn the Art of Landscape Lighting Design

Experts recommend landscape lighting design as an entry point for integrators into the revenue opportunity of home lighting. Check out our new resource for tips and best practices. Download “Learning the Skill and Art of Landscape Lighting Design” today!.

Crestron’s Origin Acoustics Partnership Products Integrate into an Array of Installation Environments

The Crestron Ultimate Active Subwoofer made by Origin Acoustics was engineered to deliver deep, impactful sound at low frequencies. Crestron explains that integrators can use the Ultimate Active Subwoofer for applications such as home theaters, gaming rooms, and whole-house AV systems. 

The N.J.-based smart home company points out the subwoofer is constructed from carbon fiber materials and it features a 10-inch woofer that’s powered by a 400-watt amplifier. Crestron says the subwoofer can be mounted on its side, upright, or on the wall. The combined engineering of the Crestron Origin Acoustics partnership also offers an optional wireless extender kit that allows the sub to sit up to 50 feet away from its content source. 

Some of the other products Crestron announced include 6-inch and 8-inch in-ceiling speaker model that are already available, as well as the new 3-inch Ultimate In-Ceiling speaker (IC3). The IC3 is designed to deliver impressive sound from a much smaller footprint. The speaker produces a 100-degree conical dispersion that lets the two-way, full-range IC3 produce excellent sound coverage throughout a home space and its all-weather rating means it can be installed indoors or out, in both residential and marine environments.

Crestron emphasizes the IC3 complements new construction environments where it can disappear into the design of the space, and it notes the form factor of the 200W IC3 pairs well with its new LED light fixtures to form a uniform aesthetic. 

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Further rounding out Crestron’s in-ceiling options is the addition of the Dual-Tweeter version of the Ultimate In-Ceiling 8-inch speakers which provides peak stereo output from a single speaker for residential installations in small rooms like hallways and shower rooms. The Dual-Tweeter speaker utilizes a weatherized construction to support its integration in spaces such as patios, saunas, and swimming pool areas. 

Additionally, Crestron has announced its Saros Surface Mount Speakers are now built with an all-weather IPX6-rated construction to support its integration in outdoor settings that include gardens, bathrooms, saunas, and yacht decks.

Crestron notes that major improvements have also been made to the mounting mechanism to provide total flexibility. Available in 6-inch and 8-inch SKUs, the 120W Saros Surface Mount Speakers support both LoZ and HiZ configurations and the speakers are engineered to achieve smooth, even coverage, high output, and clear, natural sound quality. These speakers are also designed to provide better frequency responses as volumes rise, making them a solution for use in loud environments.

At CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas Crestron will be exhibiting in booth #16017.

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